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International Cannabis Weekly: 8

August 23, 2017


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Business & Investment


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Regulations & Politics


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Market Focus

What Does The Future Hold For The Czech Cannabis Industry?

The Czech Republic has had a complex relationship with cannabis. With the attitudes towards legal cannabis changing throughout Europe, could the country gain a foothold in the emerging marketplace?


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The European Cannabis Report

Medical cannabis has been technically legal in several European countries for a number of years – although legislation across the supply chain is inconsistent from country to country and even at the state level within federal European countries. This issue has prevented any meaningful scale of production or supply developing in Europe to date.

However political and social momentum is now behind further legalisation. This will naturally lead to consistent regulation at the state level and perhaps even harmonisation at the regional (EU) level. This legislation, regulation and harmonisation will provide the certainty required to allow domestic players move across borders and invest for growth and scale.



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