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The Global Cannabis Report Second Edition

We are currently living in an era marking the end of prohibition on cannabis. The global cannabis industry is heading into a period marked by widespread legalisation, innovation and considerable economic growth.

After a tough year for cannabis in 2020, this year brought along a rebound in development towards legalisation, record-breaking sales of medical and adult-use cannabis as well as a massive influx of capital raises and M&A activity. Prohibition Partners finds combined global sales of CBD, medical and adult-use cannabis topped US$37.4 billion in 2021, and could rise to US$102 billion by 2026

Overall, the industry is poised for a very exciting 2022, with the spread of legalisation being followed by strong industry growth. Large benefits will be felt across justice, public health and the global economy.

This report provides an overview of the development of cannabis markets at the international level, and considers how they might develop in the near future. It also covers some of the most interesting and pertinent global trends in the industry.

The Global Cannabis Report: Second Edition examines:

  • The major trends in legalisation and market developments across the globe
  • Global market sizing estimates for the next five years*
  • Key region-specific trends and overviews
  • Interviews with industry experts in key areas of the global market.

*Global market sizing overview and data is not available with the free-to-read version of The Global Cannabis Report: Second Edition. Please purchase one of the Data Packages available if you want to access market sizing analysis, market sizing data and real-world data. More information on the Data Packages available is included in the tab below.

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