Prohibition Partners provides reliable and credible data on commercial opportunities, market sizes and the regulatory environment in key cannabis markets.

The Global Cannabis Report: Second Edition

We are currently living in an era marking the end of prohibition on cannabis. The global cannabis industry is heading into a period marked by widespread legalisation, innovation and considerable economic growth.

The Impact Series: Industrial Hemp

Hemp manufacturing is re-emerging as a global industry, having historically been a major traditional industry in many parts of the world. The factors driving this re-emergence are many, and include various commercial and ecological considerations. The fastest growing segment in this regenerated industry has been textiles; unsurprising given hemp’s long history of use as rope, sailcloth, clothes, etc.

The Impact Series: Report Bundle

The Impact Series is a series of five reports that analyse how cannabis is disrupting more mainstream and traditional industries, such as food, drinks, beauty, construction and manufacturing, amongst others.

The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report: 2nd Edition

Research on the endocannabinoid system is one of the most promising avenues for new therapeutics in medicine at the moment. However, regulations are constantly shifting. This report has been compiled to assist interested parties in understanding the market for the medical use of cannabinoids and where it may be heading.

The Cannabis Extraction Report

The emerging extraction industry is proving to be one of the most active areas of innovation and growth in the cannabis industry. The Extraction Report takes a detailed look at this rapidly-growing and diversifying industry, analysing methods of extraction, the types of extracts and extract-based products currently available, technology advances, supply chains, regulations in North America and Europe, and the current state of the market.

The European Cannabis Report: 6th Edition

This report takes an in-depth look at the progress of cannabis legalisation across Europe, the trade flows on the continent, the business opportunities, the medical products on the market and the patients who use them. We also consider how COVID-19 has affected the market in Europe and what this means for the year ahead.

The North American Cannabis Report: Second Edition

In 2020, the US saw further states legalising adult-use cannabis, Canada rolling out innovative Cannabis 2.0 products and COVID-19 accelerating North American sales of adult-use cannabis products. As 2021 commences and the North American cannabis industry continues to show promising developments, Prohibition Partners launches The North American Cannabis Report: Second Edition which provides a deep-dive on the current state of the cannabis industry in the US and Canada.

Germany: Cannabis & CBD Consumer Report

Germany is set to become one of the largest single markets for cannabis and CBD anywhere in the world. Despite the fact that millions of Germans are using CBD and cannabis, relatively little is currently known about these consumers. In this report we highlight the topics which are most pressing for patients and consumers and should be of significant value to anyone wishing to meet the growing demand for these products in the country.

The Latin America and Caribbean Cannabis Report: Second Edition

Cannabis has been present in Latin American countries for centuries. The Latin America and Caribbean Cannabis Report investigates pioneering legalisation from Colombia and Uruguay, joined in some degree by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and St Kitts. They are all following the path of decriminalisation and with many taking steps towards full legalisation.

CBD – A Supply Overview

CBD is a vast and complex subject area that touches on all aspects of the cannabis market – medical, pharmaceutical, recreational and packaged consumer products. Within this report, CBD – A Supply Overview, Prohibition Partners examines legislation, cultivation, extraction, production, finance and retail across the global CBD industry. Moving away from the fragmented structure that has characterised the industry, we document the rise of vertical integration and the emergence of regulation.

The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report

The rapid growth of cannabis-based medicines is becoming a significant disruptor of the global pharmaceutical industry, but the point of entry has been complicated by the historic scheduling of cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic. However, pharmaceutical cannabis products such as Epidyolex, Sativex and Dronabinol have become serious alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and are beginning to shift how the pharma industry approaches cannabis.

CBD: The Consumer Report

CBD has become one of the biggest disruptors of mainstream industries over the last decade, impacting sectors from pharma to food and wellness to cosmetics. Already a multibillion dollar opportunity globally, the market is expanding at an unprecedented rate but many small-scale operators, multinational FMCGs and investors are struggling to understand the attitudes and spending that will dictate the future of this rapidly burgeoning market.

The Oceania Cannabis Report: Second Edition

The Oceania Cannabis Report: Second Edition is the most extensive review of the cannabis industry in Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands. The report provides detailed market value forecasts and offers in-depth analysis of the countries and companies that are operating at the cutting edge of the industry.

PSYCH: The Psychedelics as Medicine Report

Medical psychedelics are rapidly disrupting the way we view modern healthcare. Once the darling of the medical community, medical psychedelics are experiencing a renaissance, pushing forward the frontiers of healthcare innovation. PSYCH: The Psychedelics as Medicine Report presents unparalleled insights and intelligence into this emerging movement, helping to guide investors, operators and regulators through this transient phase. Download your free copy now.

The European Cannabis Report 5th Edition

The landscape of the European cannabis industry is shifting as quickly as the legislation that underpins it. The European Cannabis Report: 5th Edition, revisits the landscape of cannabis in Europe, providing insights into the latest developments across the continent, and delivering intelligence across key markets such as France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The report helps unpack complex legislation and key data for international policymakers and industry-leading operators.

The UK Cannabis Report

The UK Cannabis Report delivers a comprehensive and complete analysis of the UK cannabis sector, providing expert commentary on the newly published NICE Guidelines and breakdowns of the latest developments across the sector. The report features the latest data from a market which is expected to be worth US$4.3 billion by 2024. Download the full report to access industry-leading research and expert opinions covering healthcare, commercial activity and investment trends in the UK market.

The New Normal Report

Prohibition Partners is proud to present The New Normal Report, in collaboration with Protein Agency. The report documents the rise of CBD and the permeation of cannabis into the mainstream, exploring the brands and businesses that are driving growth across beauty, sport, lifestyle and food and drink sectors. The report takes a deep-dive into consumer trends and examines how brands can connect with the emerging cannabis consumer. Download for free now.

The Global Cannabis Report

The landscape of the global cannabis industry is shifting as quickly as the legislation that underpins it. The Prohibition Partners' The Global Cannabis Report, an industry first of its kind, analyses the key developments across the global cannabis sector and provides proprietary market forecasts across the continental markets: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania. The report predicts that the international cannabis market could be worth up to US$103.9 billion by 2024, and outlines key commercial opportunities for international operators and investors.

The Poland Cannabis White Paper

Poland is expected to play a central role in the European cannabis market in the coming years, after becoming the 12th country to legalise medicinal cannabis on the continent in 2017. With the Polish market expected to be worth at least €2 billion by 2028, key opportunities will be available to investors, entrepreneurs and influencers in the near future.

The Germany Cannabis Report

The Germany Cannabis Report is the first and only free-to-access report to focus on the biggest economy in Europe and its burgeoning cannabis market. Having legalised medical cannabis in 2017 and achieved a market value of over €73 million in 2018, Germany is set to play a central role in the European market in the coming years, which is estimated to be worth over €123 billion by 2028.

The North American Cannabis Report

The North American Cannabis Report is the first and only free-to-access report on the cannabis industry in the United States and Canada, a market worth a potential $47.3 billion by 2024. Although the US is currently the most profitable cannabis industry in the world, the lack of legislative clarity at the federal level is disrupting the industry. Canada has taken a leadership position at the international level, having legalised recreational cannabis in October 2018. The market is set to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next five years, as legislation shifts in favour of liberalisation and consumer industries begin to move in on the cannabis space.

The Cannabis Legal Report™

Prohibition Partners’ inaugural The Cannabis Legal Report™ provides the most comprehensive review of the legislation and regulation governing the emerging legal cannabis market. Attitudes towards medical cannabis are shifting amongst the public, and policymakers, professionals and investors are beginning to take note. This report runs through the crucial insights needed to understand the burgeoning cannabis market which could be worth an estimated €123 billion by 2028 in Europe alone.

The European Cannabis Report™ 4th Edition

Home to more than 740 million people, a population more than double that of the United States and Canada combined, Europe is set to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market over the next five years. In the last 12 months alone, the European cannabis industry has grown more than in the last six years. Six countries have announced new legislation and over €500million has been invested in European cannabis businesses and as our exclusive research shows, Europe’s cannabis market is estimated to be worth up to €123 billion by 2028.

The Asian Cannabis Report™

Asia, the world’s most populous continent, has a relatively low prevalence of cannabis use at just 2% annually. However, this is the equivalent to an estimated 85.5 million people, making Asia a key market in the long-term expansion plans of producers, investors and operators. As the historically conservative stance on cannabis begins to soften, the medical market alone could be worth as much as US$5.8 billion by 2024.

The African Cannabis Report™

While cannabis remains illegal in most African countries, many nations are keen to embrace cultivation as a way to boost their economies. Cannabis is already widely grown and consumed across the continent with production currently standing at around 38,000 tonnes and consumption rates at 13.2%. While any path towards a legalised and regulated cannabis industry presents a number of significant challenges due to opaque laws and inconsistent enforcement, Africa’s climate, affordable land and low-cost labour offer enormous opportunities in a market that could exceed $US7.1 billion by 2023.

Medical Cannabis in Europe – The GMP Standards Guide

Prohibition Partners is excited to announce the launch of 'Medical Cannabis in Europe - The GMP Standards Guide', in association with Orion GMP Solutions. As European legislators start to develop and implement national cannabis programmes using EU Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, we examine how these requirements impact the cultivation, importation and distribution of medical cannabis within the EU.

The Oceania Cannabis Report™

Australia legalised medical cannabis in October 2016. Two years later, they aim to become one of the global leaders in the legal cannabis industry establishing themselves as major players in the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution industries.

The LATAM Cannabis Report™

The LATAM market is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. The region is quickly introducing some of the most relaxed legislation on legal cannabis in the world, in a bid to become a global leader in medical cannabis cultivation.

The European Cannabis Report™

Regulatory changes, public support and evidence of cannabis’ therapeutic effects are driving growth in the European cannabis industry. The market itself has the potential to be worth €115 billion but the size of Europe’s opportunity is counterbalanced by the scale of complexity in navigating each country’s unique legal framework.