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The Impact Series: Disrupting Food

Cannabis is becoming the most disruptive force in the global food market for decades, impacting everything from confectionery to fine-dining. Multinational FMCG firms and a new demographic of cannabis consumer are entering the market as countries from every corner of the globe loosen regulations.

The global cannabis and CBD food market is set to be worth $6.6 billion by 2024. However, as the market opens up businesses are faced with a lack of consumer data, market intelligence and regulatory clarity. THE IMPACT SERIES: Disrupting Food analyses exclusive consumer data from over 15,000 adults across seven international markets and breaks down rapidly shifting regulations, helping businesses, brands and investors to understand the the future of the market.

Find out how and why consumers are buying, what regulations are defining the market and how the major industry leaders are approaching the industry over 150+ pages of data, intelligence and insight from experts in the field.

  • Exclusive proprietary research and consumer polling across 15,000 respondents.
  • Financial market forecasting and industry growth expectations from 2020 to 2024.
  • Explore the brands driving change, innovation and market disruption.
  • Digital only £450 + VAT


    Digital & print £625 + VAT

    The Consumer

    See detailed analysis and breakdowns of consumers, what makes them use and purchase cannabis & CBD food products? Tailor your product offering and marketing to achieve the most impact.

    The Competitors

    Find out who are the leaders in the market and who to watch out for. Use data and intelligence to find out who your competitors are and the challenges they may be facing.

    The Market

    Our five-year forecasts will help inform your strategy for investment in the cannabis edibles market. Harness data and intelligence to understand what is driving growth in the market.

    The Innovations

    Discover new food products launching in the cannabis & CBD space, and understand the motivations and trends which are pushing the market forwards and answering consumers demands.

    The Opportunities

    Zoom in on the key opportunities for your business or brand and strategise on how you can nurture them. Use our data and intelligence to connect with consumers and markets.

    The Trends

    Identify the latest trends developing in the cannabis edibles market. Our trends analysis will deepen your understanding of the ways in which culture, legislation and key developments influence consumer behaviour and consumption.

    The Impact Series: Disrupting Food

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