June 21, 2019

Capital & Cannabis Conference Europe arrives in London

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Prohibition Partners has teamed up with IMN to host the first European Cannabis Capital Conference (IC3) next week, bringing together the industry’s top brands and thought leaders with an array of investors seeking opportunities in the European market.

Eoin Keenan, Content Director, Prohibition Partners

CEOs, analysts, lawmakers, regulators, fund managers and hundreds of industry professionals will meet at etc.venues in London’s Liverpool Street on 26th June for a full day of networking and discussions.

Our research estimates that the European legal cannabis sector will be worth €123 billion by 2028, eclipsing even that of the US and Canadian markets combined.

North Americans arrive for Cannabis Conference Europe

The recreational cannabis market of North America drew $10 billion in capital investments in 2018, with M&A activity showing no signs of slowing as the US moves towards ending federal prohibition. Eyes are now turning to the opportunities presented by Europe’s medicinal and pharmaceutical enterprises, as the bloc begins to embrace medicinal cannabis reform.

IMN’s unique North American events are an essential part of the cannabis ecosystem for any business seeking finance or opportunity, and in collaboration with Prohibition Partners, the London forum promises to cement a greater understanding between the American and European cannabis industries, bringing together the best in class of both.

‘Investors in North America seem to have a bit of fatigue caused by the abundance of Canadian LPs and US Multi-State Operators (MSO) – many of which have little or no differentiation factors,’ said Avicanna CEO, chairman and co-founder Aras Azadian. ‘I think the potential in the European and LATAM markets will provide new opportunities, specifically with more emphasis on scientific and clinical development as well as cost competitive advantages, making the prospect of these regions more promising.’

Getting ahead of the cannabis curve 

Some of the biggest names in cannabis will be taking part in panel discussions on impact investing, regulation in the European market, due diligence, and investment opportunities in legal cannabis.

Canopy Rivers, one of the world’s largest cannabis companies by market share, is ‘proud’ to participate in the first European stream of the conference, said CEO, Narbe Alexandrian. ‘As cannabis regulation moves rapidly across Europe, it is important to get ahead of any potential investment opportunities,’ he told Prohibition Partners. ‘Conferences such as this one bring together key decision makers who are seeking to learn more about the cannabis industry and its next wave of innovators.’

Cannabis Conference Europe Investment opportunities

The event will also feature influential politicians who have been driving the legalisation debate in Europe, such as the co-chairman of the UK’s all-party parliamentary group for drug policy reform, Crispin Blunt MP.

‘A legal industry can replace the criminal supply chain where violence enforces market share and criminal suppliers are not only reckless to their customers’ interests but have a positive incentive to create addiction,’ Blunt told Prohibition Partners. ‘They also have the resources and need to corrupt the state’s law enforcement process to protect themselves.’

Blunt has long called for the legalisation of cannabis, and will be taking part in a debate on the future of the industry in Europe at IC3 Europe.

‘Bringing together businesses and experts from abroad, conferences like IC3 are a good opportunity to hear the latest developments in drug policy and innovation from business, especially as UK policymakers are still yet to accept that prohibition has failed,’ Blunt said.

IC3 Europe is proud to be featured as the official investor day at European Cannabis Week. Supported by quality content and expert speakers, IC3 has developed a reputation as the leading investor conference on legal cannabis opportunities and on the 26th of June, the conference will provide a meeting place for investors looking to understand how to invest in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Conference Europe

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Capital & Cannabis Conference Europe arrives in London

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