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Medical Cannabis Products (UK) – 2023


This dataset includes information on medical cannabis products in the UK, which companies are involved in the supply chain and what countries these medical cannabis products are coming from. More specifically, the dataset includes:

  • 97 Extract Products (inc. Country of Formulation, Country of Cultivation, Producer, Product Type, Price Per MG/ML, Product Availability)
  • 106 Flower Products (inc. Country of Cultivation, Producer, Irradiation, Price Per Gram, Product Availability)
  • Flower Prices - Price per gram (€)
  • Extract Prices - Price per millilitre (€)
  • Country of Formulation by Extra Product (97 Products)
  • Product Availability (Flower & Extracts)
  • Extract by Origin
  • Flower by Origin
  • Flower Manufacturers
  • Extract Manufacturers

  • This data is formatted in an Excel spreadsheet (.xls) and will be sent to you via email.