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The New Opium Act was implemented in the Netherlands in 1976, which was to lead the way for the so-called ‘Policy of Tolerance. Initially, the policy was meant as a first step towards full regulation on soft drugs – although here we are 40 years later with very little progress.


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The European Cannabis Report

Europe’s cannabis market is a green-field environment for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Currently, the global charge is being led by North America. The size of the legal market in the U.S reached $7bn in 2016 and is predicted to grow to over $50bn within the next 10 years.

Europe’s recreational cannabis economy (although mostly illegal at this point) has an estimated value of €18bn. Taking is figure into consideration – and using the success of the current Canadian market as a precursor – it’s not unreasonable to predict that a legal cannabis market in Europe would be one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative economies in the world.

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