Cannabis is becoming the most disruptive force in the trillion-dollar global beverages market in decades, impacting non-alcoholic and alcoholic sectors. Disrupting Drinks is the first in our series of in-depth consumer research reports, offering a comprehensive deep dive into the emerging cannabis drinks market, supporting businesses, investors and regulators in one of the most exciting sectors in the industry.

Our unique consumer research polls over 26,000 adults across nine country markets in three continents (North America, Europe and Asia) on their usage, purchase and attitudes towards cannabinoid-based products. The report aims to help you to understand the key consumer profiles, market trends and commercial opportunities in one of the fastest-growing segments in the global cannabis market.




  • Consumer research across 15,000 respondents.
  • Profiling of 9,000 potential users.
  • Market value forecasts and growth from 2020 to 2024.
  • Deep dives into key brands, innovators and market entrants.

The Consumer

Know your consumer and your potential consumers. Who are they and what are their motivations for use and purchase? Tailor your product offering, marketing and messaging for maximum effect.

The Competitors

Get the low down on the key players in the market and the ones to watch. Learn about niche innovation that has the opportunity to go mainstream. Identify your competitors, and potential partners.

The Market

Plan your strategy based on our 5 year forecasts. Understand what is driving market value and growth and which geographies offer you the greatest opportunities.

The Innovations

Learn about new product launches for a deeper understanding of trends that are driving the market and tapping into consumer requirements.

The Opportunities

Identify new opportunities for your business or brand. From the most receptive consumer profile, to the most welcoming geography, our report will ensure your strategy is well-informed.

The Trends

Take a look at consumer trends shaping the development of the market. Our trends analysis helps you to understand how culture, recent events and legislation influence consumer demand and consumption.