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CBD: The Consumer Report

CBD has become one of the biggest disruptors of mainstream industries over the last decade, impacting sectors from pharma to food and wellness to cosmetics. Already a multibillion dollar opportunity globally, the market is expanding at an unprecedented rate but many small-scale operators, multinational FMCGs and investors are struggling to understand the attitudes and spending that will dictate the future of this rapidly burgeoning market.

In order to examine this rapidly-moving market, our industry-leading consultants and analysts provide unparalleled proprietary consumer data from over 15,000 adults across seven key markets to help you to understand the current and future profile of the CBD consumer. We utilise our vast global network and experience to unpack the regulatory landscape across key markets, analyse the key trends which are changing the face of the market and examine the brands and businesses that are set to disrupt the industry.

For as little as £450, we provide 160 pages of market research, competitor analysis and consumer data that will ensure you future-proof your business and maximise growth in this rapidly volatile market.

Digital only £450 + VAT


Digital & Print £625 + VAT

The Consumer

Use our consumer insights, detailed analysis and market intelligence to help inform strategies for your CBD business. Use reliable expert data to help you to deliver effective marketing and product strategies across your business.

The Competitors

Who is at the forefront of the market, who is driving change and disruption in the CBD sector? Our consumer data allows you to evaluate the competition so you become a market expert.

The Market

Our five-year forecasts present the latest market sizes and analyse consumer buying behaviour, spending and patterns to determine growth projections. Utilise our industry-leading data and projections to help secure investment, attract business partners and drive growth.

The Innovations

Stay ahead of the competition. Understand how the technology in the CBD space is changing the market. Discover how new formats are coming to market and how they’re adapting to consumers needs and requirements.

The Opportunities

Our consultants and analysts identify the most exciting opportunities within the CBD market. Where are the emerging opportunities and geographic and how can your business take advantage?

The Trends

Keep up to date with the newest and most exciting trends which are emerging in the CBD market. Our trends analysis helps you to understand how and why the market is shifting.

CBD: The Consumer Report

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