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The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report

The rapid growth of cannabis-based medicines is becoming a significant disruptor of the global pharmaceutical industry, but the point of entry has been complicated by the historic scheduling of cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic. However, pharmaceutical cannabis products such as Epidyolex, Sativex and Dronabinol have become serious alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and are beginning to shift how the pharma industry approaches cannabis.

Clinical trials and academic studies are on the rise, constantly changing our understanding of the cannabis plant. In tandem, commercial opportunities are emerging as innovation, capital and technology create a space for a new form of cannabis-based medicines, which will change the way we medicate over the next 5-10 years. We utilise our vast global network and experience to unpack the regulatory landscape across key markets, analyse the key trends which are changing the face of the market and examine the businesses and technologies that are set to disrupt the industry.

For as little as £650, we provide 75 pages of market research, competitor analysis and consumer data that will ensure you future-proof your business and maximise growth in this rapidly changing sector.

Digital only £650 + VAT


Digital & Print £825 + VAT


Digital & Survey Data £1000 + VAT

The Consumer

Our consumer insights, detailed analysis and market intelligence allow you to determine the best strategies surrounding the pharmaceutical cannabis market. Take advantage of reliable expert data to help inform your businesses strategies.

The Competitors

Who are the big pharmaceutical companies driving growth and development in the pharmaceutical sector? Our team look at the latest company and brand activity allowing you to analyse the market and stay ahead of the competition.

The Market

Our five-year forecasts breakdown the latest market sizing, market growth and buying behaviours to forecast growth projections. Our industry-leading data allows you to attract investment by confidently projecting growth within the market.

The Innovations

Stay ahead of your competitors. Understand the role technology is playing in the rapidly growing pharmaceutical market. Understand how and why new product formats are entering the market, adapting to patients needs and requirements as they are developed.

The Opportunities

Our consultants and analysts will help you to identify the most relevant opportunities with the pharmaceutical market. Which regions and emerging opportunities are the best and how can your business take advantage?

The Trends

What are the latest trends emerging in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry? Our trends analysis allow you to understand what is shaping the market and how you can stay at the forefront.

The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Report

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