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European Cannabis

Reform looms in the Netherlands as state looks to take control back from the black market

Dutch cannabis laws are not without fault. Since the introduction of coffee shops in 1976, Amsterdam’s cannabis has been supplied by criminal organisations. Additionally, a lack of cannabis cultivation licences,...

Macedonia banking on becoming leading european cannabis cultivator

In February 2016, after six months of deliberation, Macedonia has pushed through legislation to legalise the use of medical cannabis. Since then Macedonia has set its sights on European expansion...

Romanian government giving mixed signals on medical cannabis legislation

Romania’s history has been full of rebounds, ebbs and flows of distress and productivity, often playing catch up to rejoin the socio-economic norms of mainstream Europe. Once a powerful hemp...

Cultivation laws inhibiting Slovenian cannabis treatments

Cannabis is regularly or occasionally used by 15 percent of Slovenian population and it’s estimated that 30,000 citizens self-medicate using cannabis extracts. However, only 160 patients choose to do so...

Is the original cannabis leader falling behind?

The New Opium Act was implemented in the Netherlands in 1976, which was to lead the way for the so called ‘Policy of Tolerance’. Initially, the policy was meant as...

Israel: a global leader in medical cannabis

Israel has been a pioneer in the research and development of medical cannabis for decades and now, it could become a major player in the global legal cannabis industry.

Is France falling behind Europe’s legal cannabis market?

We have seen a tremendous global shift in attitudes towards cannabis so far this year, yet France continues to police its people with archaic (and increasingly isolated) laws.




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